Senior Service Designer


New York, NY, USA
Posted on Wednesday, March 29, 2023

The problem

Today, it's easier to learn about our Spotify listening habits or Uber rider patterns than our own health. Lab testing is the gold standard for evaluating our health and informing medical decisions. But, as patients, we rarely understand what the results are telling us. The result is packed with medical jargon we don’t understand, ranges that aren’t personalized to us, and red flags that only increase our panic, not our comprehension. It is a design nightmare.

We attempt to decipher things on our own, consulting unreliable online sources like Google that send us down the path of dangerous self-diagnosing. With each self-diagnosis, our panic builds.

As patients, our instinct is to reach out to the doctor for clarification in these moments. But providing clarification to these questions, often redundant and basic, one by one is a time-consuming, taxing process for doctors, most of whom do this work in their free, personal, unpaid time.

With Elaborate, there’s a better way.

Our solution

Elaborate is the modern way for a doctor to send lab results. Founded by an ex-Oscar, ex-Parsley exec, Elaborate has raised a $10M seed from some of the most iconic investors and entrepreneurs, including Tusk Ventures, Company Ventures, Founder Collective, Bling Capital, and Arkitekt Ventures.

Doctors use Elaborate to explain to patients what their health data means and what to do next. The company's technology integrates with doctors' EMRs and analyzes patient data with Elaborate’s proprietary clinical insights engine, enabling doctors to send a automated, personalized report summarizing patients' key findings. The technology is responsible for health data coverage of over 500,000 patients and has integrations live with 65+ EMRs.

We help patients understand what their results mean and what to do next, freeing doctors to focus on their calling.

The opportunity

*We are looking for a Senior Service Designer to research and design substantial parts of software as a service (SaaS) workflow, including internal and client-facing experiences, and partner with the Head of Design to implement new experiences throughout the Elaborate journey. As you might expect, this is a big opportunity for someone looking to take big leaps in doing something that matters and massively accelerate their career development. *

🔮 At Elaborate, design is not a siloed department, but a core quality that touches every part of the Elaborate brand, experience and company. As a founding member of the team, you will advocate for design and experience to create a seamless service that establishes Elaborate as the most trusted and intuitive lab results experience for both patients and practitioners.

The top qualities we’re looking for:

  • You see the big picture: You have experience designing end-to-end solutions in messy, real-world domains, whether that's in healthcare, law, finance, etc, for multiple internal and external stakeholders, and are excited to apply that experience to healthcare. You show strong research and design processes and execution. You excel in investigating and prioritising multiple user needs, testing possible solutions, and creating holistically designed experiences.
  • You have a bias towards outcomes: You ask hard questions and challenge assumptions to ensure that we're solving the right problems and measuring whether we are actually solving them. You ship products on time and within boundaries. You are capable of directing the majority of your time and prioritising your own work according to company goals, finding the fastest path to gain traction and execution.
  • You lead cross-functional teams: As a founding member of the team, you think and act like an owner. Moving as a pack, and not a lone wolf, you engage folks from different teams in the solution-creating process and help them articulate the rationale and tradeoffs behind design decisions.

The type of work you’ll do:

  • Improve with service design: Proactively identify opportunities to improve our products, internal tools and processes to create a stellar lab result experience for both patients and doctors. You have experience collaborating with product, engineering, and operations to bring to life design solutions that address organisational pain points and customer needs. As the first service designer at a nascent company, you have the opportunity to teach and imbue the principles of service design into our culture from the beginning.
  • Illuminate with research: You have lots of examples where you've set up and conducted qualitative research initiatives that elevate the team's understanding of their users, their problems, and potential solutions that would best serve them. You are comfortable with leading ethnographic studies and usability studies. You'll partner with Operations and Sales on recruiting for research and may spend 10-20% of your time travelling for in-field research, observation, and workshops. You pride yourself on synthesising and documenting findings in a way that is accessible and inclusive.
  • Influence product strategy: Representing the intersection of user needs and business goals, you'll have the unique opportunity to influence product strategy during this early stage of the business, as we hone product-market fit. You work with the leadership team to co-facilitate brainstorming and ideation sessions across the organisation, proactively identifying problems and proposing initiatives in annual product strategy planning and quarterly OKR roadmap planning.

Some projects you could work on:

  • Research effort to update our patient and practitioner user archetypes, and map out their journeys, noting actionable recommendations for the product team to test and learn.
  • Help design a new lab results processing experience that seamlessly supports doctors’ existing workflows and provides clinical feedback to our clinical and operations team.
  • Create and maintain a service design map, developing a shared understanding of weaknesses in our systems and processes, like data flow and quality, and advocate for new internal projects. Collaborate with operations and engineering to define metrics that will help monitor service performance through time.
  • Company-wide presentation on service design during our Friday huddle.

In case you're curious, here's what's in our tool box:

  • Figma Design & Prototyping
  • Miro + Hotjar
  • Notion + Google Suite + Slack
  • Shortcut

What you will get in return for being an awesome member of the team:

  • We pay you competitively and commit to open conversations about the trajectory of your compensation on a semiannual basis.
  • We give you a meaningful piece of the pie, and are transparent about how early employee equity works and is valued as we grow the Company.
  • We invest in you as someone choosing to dedicate some of their best professional years with us. Expect lots of actionable feedback, connections to rockstars in our vast network (incl investors, and advisors), and sponsorship for part-time continuing education opportunities.
  • We connect in person twice a year, to bond with the team and participate in an offsite. Additionally, there are additional opportunities for in-person meetups that facilitate collaboration.
  • We prioritize flexibility, with most of the team working in a hybrid or fully remote role. Additionally, we are a pet and children-friendly company. Plus, we’ve got a generous time off policy.
  • We give you a front-row seat, to building a business from the ground up, with the added benefit of having secured capital to invest in early product development and company infrastructure. There is no better way to get a crash course on how to start your own business, and we commit to supporting you wholly if you choose to pursue that path.

What you’ve done before:

What we’ve written above should give you a pretty good sense of whether this is the right fit for you. If you’re looking for a comfortable, routine, and predictable job, where you execute orders from someone else, this is not the right fit.

To help those who are still on the fence, we’ve included a couple of guidelines of what we think the best candidates will have done before. That said, we eagerly accept non-traditional candidates who are able to show us why they’ll be amazing for this role.

Most likely, you have:

  • 4+ years of service design, with a bonus of 2+ years of designing a product that people want
  • Track record of building design-driven solutions
  • A deep understanding of multiple research methodologies, ranging from qualitative to quantitative, and when to utilise one versus the other.
  • Excellent oral and written English skills to communicate cross-functionally and across management levels in formal and informal settings.
  • Experience in the B2B space, designing for a technology-adverse population. Bonus points for facilitating workshops and leading stakeholder interviews with healthcare professionals.
  • Experience with Figma
  • Experience designing for company strategic metrics
  • Passion for improving the healthcare space by designing technology to improve the practitioner and patient experience
  • US work authorisation

Also, feel free to reach out to [email hidden] if you don’t think this is the right role but you’re excited to chat about other opportunities coming down the pipe.